Survivors are the hardy individuals that managed to survive the end of the world. They adapted to the hardships posed by a land filled with Infected, learning all of the tiny tricks, habits, and skills necessary to not only survive, but thrive in the dead world. Most survivors live around the settlement of Stadium City, banding into groups or gangs in order to search the waste for supplies and valuables to sell there. While most survivors are well aware of the fact that humans are vastly outnumbered, they will not hesitate to put a bullet in someone who threatens their own life by trying to take the supplies that keep food on their plates and ammo in their guns. Most groups have been through so much together that they are more of a family, and are at the very least respectful of each other’s abilities.


Tribals spend far more time in the wastes than most people, and have adapted their lifestyle to suit the environment. They are savage in appearance and behavior, wearing trophies and decorations from fallen enemies as well as decorative warpaint. They have a fearsome reputation in battle, being known for bloodcurdling battlecries, charging headlong into melee
and performing all manner of barbaric acts like scalping and ear-taking. This has come at a cost, however, leading to the average Tribal being far less technologically inclined and educated than most wastelanders. As a result, most tribes rely on their Shaman for knowledge of technology and medicine, which is always guarded closely.


The government and military have retreated to secret underground fortresses. Seemingly content to remain isolationist in the extreme, their absolute top priority seems to be a cure at the expense of all else. Air strikes are performed to cull some herds wandering too close to their bunkers and flares are dropped to influence herd migration patterns. Since zeds have a habit of following the sound of aircraft, it is often more effective to rely on infantry. A piecemeal army has been reassembled from the remnants of all outfits; Marines and Army regulars operate side by side with SEALs and Air Force Combat Controllers, anyone who is able to do the work is tasked. Small teams are sent out to collect raw samples of the most recent virus strains, recon areas of;