Unified Towns

A group of rwelve survivor communities, grouped together by Ollie Resnick. The Unified towns have provided a common legal system, unit of trade and a standing army.

United Protectorate

One of the main factions trying to fill the void left by the collapse of the Federal Government. Based on the West Coast, they are often at odds with Federal Commonwealth, also claiming to be the legitimate successor to the United States.

Federal Commonwealth

The Federal Commonwealth's sphere of influence is centered in the remains of the Eastern Gulf States: Northern Florida through Louisiana to the Mississippi river. They are actively pushing into the Rotterlands

Church of the Eternal Profit

Led by a mysterious individual known as "The Prophet", they preah the eradication of the "Human Disease" from the face of the earth.

The Revenants

Another group of Intellignet Undead - ALSO want to wipe out the remnants of humanity.

Lords of Dionysis

A group rumored to exist somewhere in the Rotterlands. Taking their name from teh Greek God of Gluttony and Pleasure they are rumored to have a stronghold where they revel in dabucheries at the expense of hapless captives.


Remnants of a hug conglomerate that has survived the apocalypse. Some see them as the cause of the apocalypse, others as the savior from it. Their current headquarters is a well defended high rise in Sacremento California.

The Pantheon

A secret organization stemming from older far more sinister secret govenrment organizarioons, they also are rumored to have caused the pandemic that almost wiped out civilization.