The War of the Dead starts in the beginning days of a Zombie Apocalypse. In a slightly dystopian twist, none of the current zombie craze ever happened, George Romero's Living Dead films never happened, Walking Dead never happened.

This menas the caharacters need to discover the horrific aspect of the setting, much like the characters of those fiction pieces did - the hard way.

Chapter One begins aboard the maiden voyage of the Pinnacle cruise ship as the group first encounters the Living Dead. Unfortunately for the characters, having 3,000 people in such a confined space enables the Living Dead to spread quickly, and before they know it-they're forced into a battle of pure survival against a cruise ship overrun with zombies.

But the cruise ship is just the beginning of their problems. Once they make it back to land, they'll discover a world overrun by the Living Dead. A world where once normal people are commiting unspeakable acts just for survival. Soon, the new order becomes obvious: their real battle isn't against the flesh-eating ghouls, but against their fellow man.

New Hindrances: Guilt (Minor), Haunted Memories (Major / Minor), Psycologically Unstable (Major / Minor), Responsibility to Others (Major / Minor)

New Edges: Scavanger

Edges Not Allowed: Arcane Background, Arcane Resistance, New Power, Power Points, Rapid Recharge, Improved Rapid Recharge, Soul Drain, Champion, Gadgeteer, Holy / Unholy Warrior, Menatlis, Mr. Fix-it, Wizard