Setting Publisher Owned Description
  50 Fathoms Pinnacle Yes

The natives say a trio of witches were discovered working dark sorcery in the land of Ograpog. The three were tried, sentenced by King Amemnus himself, and drowned with the rising tide. But with their dying breath the sisters uttered a dark curse, drowning Caribdus beneath fifty fathoms of water. Soon after, ships from another world drifted through the mists into the “Thousand Isles.”

The visitors are sailors from the age of piracy, dashing corsairs, bloodthirsty buccaneers, or savage sea dogs. They’ve taken to this new world and now sail alongside its strange inhabitants—crab-like scurillians, massive grael, lonely doreen, mysterious kraken, cruel kehana, and the near-human masaquani. Many believe these visitors are destined to defeat the Sea Hags and save Caribdus, but most just seem interested in plundering her for the forgotten treasures of a drowned world.

  Deadlands: Reloaded Pinnacle Yes

Pinnacle’s flagship product is Deadlands, a horrific journey into the “Weird West.” Mysterious beings called the Reckoners have given life to monsters and magic, causing history to divert from July 4th, 1863 forward. The South has won its independence, California has shattered into a labyrinth of flooded sea-canyons, and a mysterious super-fuel called “ghost rock” has spawned as much war and strife as it has “steampunk” devices.

Players are steely-eyed gunfighters, card-slinging sorcerers called hucksters, mysterious shamans, savage braves, mad scientists, and more who battle against evil and attempt to prevent the “Reckoning”.

  Deadlands Hell on Earth Pinnacle No

Hell on Earth explores a possible future to Deadlands where the heroes lost! The world has been turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland and the Reckoners walk upon it in the flesh. Desperate Gunfighters prowl the irradiated High Plains alongside Doomsayers, Ravenites, and Toxic Shamans.

But all is not lost. Now that the Reckoners have taken mortal form, some whisper they might be destroyed permanently

  Deadlands Lost Colony Pinnacle No

The final chapter in the Deadlands saga takes place on the distant planet of Banshee. Thirteen years before Hell on Earth, the “mad” Doctor Darius Hellstromme invented a “tunnel” through space and discovered a wondrous and inhabitable planet called “Banshee.” Colonists flocked to the resource-rich world and slowly came into conflict with the native “anouks.”

Then the apocalypse called “Hell on Earth” came. The colonists were trapped with the angry natives. Worse, the anouks awakened an ancient evil to drive these invaders from their homeworld. Cut off and alone, the Colonial Rangers must attempt to bring peace to Banshee—and deal with the most unexpected visitors of all—the Reckoners.

Lost Colony was published as a “dual stat” book, featuring statistics for both the “Classic” system and d20

  Deadlands Noir Pinnacle Yes

Hard times make hard men. And women. And the world of Deadlands in the 1930s is one of the hardest. Heroes of this dark era must deal with the Great Depression, constant cold war between the North and South, the unrelenting industrialization of the modern world, corrupt governments, and more than a few terrors lurking in the darkness. Those who struggle against this evil are steely-eyed private dicks, fast-talking grifters, wild-eyed inventors, and shadowy houngans. With enough moxie—and more than a little luck—they might just be enough to turn the tide.

Deadlands Noir is a roleplaying game that takes place in the Deadlands universe of the 1930s. The core book explores the featured campaign setting of New Orleans while the Companion covers Shan Fan, Chicago in the Roaring Twenties, Lost Angels in the glitzy Forties, and the City of Gloom in the Fifties. Deadlands Noir focuses on mystery, investigation, action, and horror in the grim and gritty cities of the 1900s.

  Evernight Pinnacle No

The world of Tarth was a bright and shining jewel. The Great Race Wars were long over, the people were free, and true evil had been scattered to the dark bowels of the earth. The King of Valusia sat upon his throne and ruled his peaceful valley and its honest citizens with a firm yet fair grip.

The future of Tarth was bright. Until they came. And the light went out forever. Evernight™ is a very different kind of dark fantasy setting. This 144-page PDF book provides a complete scripted campaign, from before the arrival of the mysterious and terrifying Masters to the epic and bloody finish. Player characters start as Novices in a familiar fantasy world of elves, dwarves, orcs, and men. They finish as Heroic adventurers in a land draped in eternal night and overwhelming horror.

Evernight contains new Edges & Hindrances, spells, weapons, and magical items. The Game Master has a complete scene by scene campaign ready to run, the truth behind Tarth’s murky past, and a host of new and mysterious monsters!

  Necessary Evil Pinnacle Yes

When all the super heroes of the world are blown to kingdom come by an army of invading aliens, who will save the day? Evil…

The only forces left to take on the alien menace are the crafty and self serving super villains!

Necessary Evil is a supers game for Savage Worlds. Inside this twisted Plot Point setting you will find complete rules on making four-color super-powered characters, a whole slew of adventures weaving in and out of a resistance story, new Edges and Hindrances, a bestiary of out of this world critters, and more!

  Pirates of the Spanish Main Pinnacle No

All hands on deck! In the waters of the Caribbean there are fortunes to be made and lost…or stolen. In these times it takes courage and daring to carve out a niche and forge a new legend. Will you sail the high seas in search of fame and fortune, lead a band of buccaneers in search of booty, or captain a ship of the line in the service of King and country?

Pirates of the Spanish Main is a complete game based on Wizkids’ best-selling Constructible Strategy Game and the award winning Savage Worlds roleplaying game system. All the rules you need to play this game of fast and furious swashbuckling fun are in this book. So set a course for adventure; fame and fortune await over the horizon. Full color and lavishly illustrated throughout, this is a complete RPG containing everything needed to play—no separate rulebook is required

  Rippers Pinnacle Yes

Do you believe in monsters? Well you better, because they’re out there and they mean business! The Cabal of evil formed under the leadership of the monstrous Jack the Ripper has the Victorian world on its knees, and it’s up to you to fight back.

You are the Rippers; once Jack was your ally, now he is your mortal enemy. And he’s not alone!

Rippers is a complete setting for Savage Worlds featuring a full plot point campaign that pits the heroes against the fearsome creatures of the evil Cabal. Inside this setting you will also find rules on creating Rippers, the brave monster hunters who face the growing evil, new Edges and Hindrances, a huge bestiary of hellish adversaries, and details of the Rippers’ most controversial weapon—Rippertech!

  Savage Worlds of Solmon Kane Pinnacle Yes

Now your hero can follow the Path of Kane. Whether a Puritan wanderer, a misguided pirate, or a soldier of fortune, a time of legend has come and fate has chosen her champions. Kane began the fight against an ancient evil so great it could destroy humanity, but now others must carry the torch into the darkness.

The Savage World of Solomon Kane is a roleplaying game based upon the incredible works of Robert E. Howard, author of Conan the Barbarian®, Kull the Conqueror®, and countless other great heroes and heroines.

  Slipstream Pinnacle No

Beyond the black holes lies the Slipstream, a pocket universe of shattered worlds, desperate aliens, and savage monsters. Ruling over the shattered isles is the diabolical Queen Anathraxa, who some say is close to finding a way to escape this interstellar prison.

Strap on your rocket pack, charge your ray gun, and prepare to blast off into the the most wild and exotic Savage Setting yet—the Slipstream!

Slipstream is a pulp science fiction Plot Point setting for the award-winning Savage Worlds Roleplaying Game in the style of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and the rocketeering heroes of space opera.

  Space 1889: Red Sands of Mars Pinnacle No

Since Thomas Edison first explored the worlds with the help of his marvelous ether propeller, the British Empire has grown to include the red plains and stately canals of Mars, the streaming dinosaur-infested swamps of Venus, and even a remote outpost in the twilight zone of Mercury. In 1889, the sun truly never sets on the British Empire!

But deep inside the Empire a core of revolt festers and grows. Martian cults cry out for the Earthlings’ expulsion. Britain teeters at the edge of war with the Oenotrian Empire. In the midst of seething turmoil, the being known only as Kronos siezes the technology of a forgotten race to threaten the very future of mankind!

Space 1889 is based on Frank Chadwick’s game of Victorian Era spacefaring, updated to be played with the award-winning Savage Worlds game system.

Whether you’re noble or common, learned or brutish, Human or otherwise, the Explorer’s Society offers a place for you to help turn the tide against the unknown threats. Take to the stars, adventure, and duty. Brave the dangerous space of a seemingly-genteel era.

  Weird War II Pinnacle Yes

In the horror of war, dark things rise, and World War II is history’s greatest conflict. The Japanese stalk the jungles of Southeast Asia. Carriers battle in the South Pacific. Tanks trundle across North Africa. Planes duel over England. The Nazi blitzkrieg conquers most of Europe with a genocidal madman at the controls. Prepare to battle the evil of the Axis powers and the hideous things that rise in their wake. This isn’t just war-this is Weird War!

Weird War II contains everything you need to run horrific World War II adventures with the Savage Worlds game system: new powers, Edges, Hindrances, weapons, vehicles for all the major powers, an Adventure Generator, dozens of Savage Tales, new monsters, and an operational-scale Plot Point Campaign that ties it all together.

  Weird War Rome Pinnacle Future

In the Celtic wilds, the forests of Germania, the deserts of Egypt, and the arenas of Rome, dark things rise...

Her legions strode forth from the center of civilization—west to England, east to Asia, north to Germany, south to Egypt—and conquered most of the known world. In their travels, the Legions found things that would be disbelieved by slave, citizen, and senator alike. War elephants, wild dervishes, and creatures beyond description met them at every turn.

The glory of the Empire spread to the corners of the earth, but its shadow found even darker places—and things—that defied record.

Join the forces of Rome and battle through the ages against her enemies. Discover the terrible secrets left out of the history books. Save your shieldmates. Save the Empire.

  Weird War: Tour of Duty Pinnacle No

Our first follow-up to our smash hit Weird Wars in the new Savage Worlds system takes us to the jungles of Vietnam. Your grunt has 365 days and a wake-up to learn what really lurks in the jungle. Surviving is tough enough, but if your GI is really on the ball, he just might get drafted into the super-secret Phoenix Program and discover far more than he ever wanted about the Plain of Jars and the secret cults of the high mountains.

Tour of Darkness features new Sanity rules and how to deal with mind-numbing horror, a ton of Edges & Hindrances, new horrors, and an awesome Adventure Generator and Plot Points to tell the most savage of tales! Written by the mysterious Teller!

  Pinebox, Tx 12 to Midnight No The world we know, our reality, is normal. People go about their daily lives, raising families, going to work and making dinner. Children cry at night, afraid of shadows or the monster under the bed. Parents sooth their children’s fears, saying “There is nothing to be afraid of. There are no monsters.” They are wrong. Our reality is stretched thin, and the veil is torn. Monsters, shadows, demons, devils, spirits, conspiracies, and aliens all exist, hidden from our normal lives. They co-exist with us. Watching us. Using us. Controlling governments. Preying on us. Welcome to Pinebox, a sleepy little East Texas town with more than its share of trouble. Whether it’s snake cultists running the local bar or vengeful spirits haunting the high school boys locker room, there always seems to be some sort of trouble brewing just below the surface.
  Mars Adamant Entertainment Yes

Welcome to Mars!

Not Mars as it is – airless, most likely lifeless, with only the faintest hints of what might have once been a damp, if not necessarily lush and living, world billions of years in the past. No, this is Mars as it should be and as it was once imagined to be – an ancient, dying, but not yet dead world, a world where a vast canal network reaches from pole to pole, bringing water and life to vast and fantastic cities. A Mars where albino apes run a vast empire in the last surviving jungle, a world where warrior tribes of Green Martians raid the outlying cities of the canal dwellers, a world where, in places dark and quiet and forgotten beneath the surface, ancient and terrible intellects plan dark and dire deeds.

It is a Mars of sky-corsairs, of duels with blade and blaster, of vile plots, fantastic inventions, daring rescues, arena battles, and spectacular stunts. It is a Mars where ancient cities can be discovered and their lost treasures plundered, a Mars where a trek across the dry sea bottoms can yield amazing discoveries, where terrible monsters roam the rocky wastes.

It is the Mars of pulp fiction and Saturday morning serials.

It is now yours.

The Sword-and-Planet genre comes to Savage Worlds! Adamant Entertainment’s setting of action, intrigue and adventure beneath the Moons of Mars — previously only available for d20 – is now available in a brand-new edition for Savage Worlds.

  Thrilling Tales Adamant Entertainment No

The pulse-pounding excitement of the pulp magazines and cliffhanger serials of the 1930s and 40s, for use with the Savage Worlds rules system – Grab your fedora and your ivory-handled .45s, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

The rulebook contains everything you need to add pulp thrills to your Savage Worlds game, and features:

•An exhaustive guide to the pulp genre
•A timeline of the 1930s
•New pulp Edges & Flaws
•Pulp-era weapons & vehicles
•Special Savage Worlds rules governing pulp genre elements
•A guide to pulp villains, including cults, the Nazis and the Thugee
•A Random Adventure Generator
•A Complete Plot Point Campaign: The multi-part serial, “The Crimson Emperor.”
•…and much more!

  Kerberos Club Arc Dream No

Play the heroes and villains of a Strange century! Doctor Archibald Monroe, the erudite chemist and physician-chimpanzee . . . "Stony" Joe Smithson, the honest London boxer, transformed into living rock . . . Maeve O'Connel, Queen of the Mudlarks, the eternal child touched by Faerie . . . the Lady Mirabel, who by darkness defends Whitechapel as the terrifying Night Hag. . . . When the victims and enthusiasts of magic and bizarre science meet in an infamous club for "the Strange," thrilling action is sure to follow!

The Kerberos Club (Savage Worlds Edition) is a sourcebook for superheroic roleplaying in Victorian London. It includes a detailed history and thorough treatment of Victorian society in its every particular, especially the incredible and sometimes awful changes that "the Strangeness" comes to wreak upon Queen and Country alike. It requires Savage Worlds and the Savage Worlds Superpowers Companion to play.

The Kerberos Club gives players every tool they need to create new heroes and villains in a world that is at the same time familiar and alien—a world made more of both by the Strangeness that grips it and the dangers that threaten it.

There is, after all, every good reason for the club's motto: "MALUM NECESSARIUM."

  Day After Ragnarok Atomic Overmind No

The Day After Ragnarok – Savage Worlds includes:

  • Complete rules and guidelines for creating a hero suited for these dark times, including new Hindrances and Edges.
  • Dangerous ophi-tech devices built with knowledge torn from the Thing that nearly killed the world: fiber bombs, Marconi pistols, jet-packs, and more!
  • A grand tour through the post-apocalyptic world of 1948, from the drowned East Coast to the Soviet empire behind the Serpent Curtain — including the Top Five Places to Be Attacked By Pirates, the Top Five Places to Find A Remote Castle Ruled By A Madman, and much more!
  • Stats for more than thirty foes to shoot, stab, or sneak past: Serpent cultists, Spetsnaz troopers, swamp devils, and … snakes! Giant, 80-foot long snakes, that is!
  • Over 20 pages of pure adventure: Four campaign types, each with a sample campaign laid out in nine scenario seeds. A massive Adventure Generator, helping you build every tale from the Hook to the Henchmen to the Twist ending! Four worked examples, taking the Adventure Generator’s raw numbers and running.
  • Plus old-school random encounters for the desolate wastelands of America — will you face slave-raiding Klansmen, the terrifying fly-by-night, or a desperate band of escaped Wehrmacht P.O.W.s?
  Sherwood Battlefield Press No

Welcome to Sherwood Forest, a place of myth and legend. In this exciting campaign setting written by Wil Upchurch and Marc Gacy, you will find everything you need for your Robin Hood Savage Worlds campaign setting. This book includes:

  • Weapons and armor from the time
  • New Edges and Arcane Backgrounds
  • Gazetteer covering Robin Hood's England
  • Characters from Robin Hood Legends
  • Feats of derring-do and archery contests
  • Mythic beasts and faeries
  Imaginary Friends Blackwyrm No

Imaginary Friends is an adventure for the Hero System/ Champions 6th Edition and Savage Worlds in which invisible playmates come to life with deadly consequences. As much a long-term campaign supplement as an adventure, it features a set of strategies and events using the characters and depicting forces at work, rather than a completely linear narrative.

You'll meet an entertaining array of sinister and unique characters who will engage roleplayers in tests of combat and the mind unlike anything you've seen before! I know you've probably heard that before once or twice, but I really mean it. Every playtest of this adventure has been fantastic, be it rules light or rules heavy.

We hope you'll be pleased and surprised at what you find inside the pages of Imaginary Friends. It's a very different sort of gaming experience.

What's inside:

  • A full supervillain team. (It wouldn't be nearly as cool an adventure if there wasn't a full supervillain team in it)
  • Villains opposing other villains!
  • A vast array of map locations that are easily reusable in any modern setting!
  • The groundwork for an easy to expand evil secret organization!
  • A sinister master mind!
  • A lesser master mind!
  • An agent-level mastermind!
  • Absolutely no mimes (or Master Mimes) whatsoever!
  Shaintar: Epic High Fantasy Evil Beagle Games No

Every great tale has a beginning, and yours begins here, in the realm of Shaintar (Pronounced “Shine-tar”). At once familiar and alien, you will come to know it as a place you understand completely, while still being perplexed and dazzled by its mysteries. As you seek out the answers to those mysteries, all the while doing battle with villains and monsters both archetypal and alien, you will come to understand a primal truth: Shaintar, this world with thousands of years of history behind it, stands on the brink of dramatic, possibly catastrophic change. How this change ultimately manifests, what damage it will wreak, or what growth it will engender, will depend entirely upon you.

"The heart of any lasting and memorable roleplaying campaign is the setting. Is it vivid? Alluring? Full of mysteries, as well as straight-ahead challenges?

If the answer is “Yes” to all of these, you are in good hands.

SHAINTAR is deep in “good hands” territory.

  Steamscapes Four-in-Hand Games No

Steamscapes is a new game setting for Savage Worlds. It is a realistic alternative historical approach to steampunk. As such, it contains many of the things you would expect in a steampunk setting - airships, automatons, electricity gone wild - but places them in a real-world context. The world of Steamscapes is recognizable but changed. You will find many familiar faces and places, but their roles are not always what you expect.

The first book, Steamscapes: North America, builds this alternative history in detail and presents many additions to the Savage Worlds rules to support the steampunk feel of the setting. Print edition will be released in August of 2013. Digital edition available now!

  Nemezis Graemel Yes

The ancients foresaw the coming of vile beasts. Monstrosities born at the dawn of the universe that would awaken from their millennia-long slumber to destroy the Earth and humankind. These monsters were dubbed the Dark Gods by the forgotten prophets of days past; according to their grim vision, nothing could stop these beings from destroying the human race.

The prophecies were all true.

Deities have awakened and destroyed the Earth.

And humanity responded with firepower.

The prophets did not realize just how much power the human race would have in the Time of Judgement. They did not understand the destructive power of plasma weapons. They could not imagine an armada of starships able to launch hundreds of thousands of missiles at once. The monsters may have almost godly powers, but the majority of them still vaporize when hit by a megaton warhead!

You are one of the people who do not fear inhuman beasts, servants of the dark deities, or other unspeakable forces. You have discovered the secrets of the corrupt, debased nobles of Bariz. You have tracked down cultists of the Dark Gods trying to take over Ash even as it freezes. And as for the monstrous spawn… well, hunting trips on Cor have challenging game at last!

All this in newest space opera from GRAmel!

  Interface Zero Gunmetal Games Yes In this dark and grimy world of corrupt, power-mad government, greedy megacorporations and fringe science-gone-wild, you play ronin: rogue street operatives who make their living doing the things nobody else can, or will, do. You have no master, no loyalties beyond your bank balance, tomo. Your only friends are those of convenience. Your tools of the trade are computer code, high-powered weapons, combat drones, cybernetic augmentations, mental powers and maybe even a little bit of luck.
  Marchland Hearthstone Yes

Urban witches cast protective spells from their smart phones. Modern Magi delve into lore best forgotten. The restless dead search for closure in a world unaware of their existence. Religious fanatics hunt Fae-Blooded mortals. Native Manitou fight to preserve what little is left of their lands.

 Welcome to Marchland 

Set in the fictional city of Brighton Bay, players take on the role of mortal, gifted or supernatural characters. Whether they are a cop, Magi, undead Revenant, or shape-shifting Manitou, characters must fight to protect themselves and the un-awakened masses from threats both mundane and magickal. 

  • Complete rules and guidelines for creating a wide array of Fae-Blooded mortals or ghostly Revenants.
  • Magickal artifacts both powerful and subtle.
  • An extensive gazetteer describing the myth-haunted city of Brighton Bay.
  • A Bestiary with over twenty new foes.
  • Details on notable NPCs, locales, and organizations.
  • Five adventures to introduce Brighton Bay, and some of its more colorful (and dangerous) characters.
  Achtung! Cthulhu Modiphius Yes

Achtung! Cthulhu brings you a two-fisted wartime SAVAGE WORLDS roleplaying game setting for REALMS OF CTHULHU, packed full of fiendish Nazis, terrifying ancient mysteries, legendary war machines, and enough writhing tentacles to fill ten Reichstags!

Three Kings is the first in a series of standalone adventure supplements in the globe-spanning Zero Point campaign for Achtung! Cthulhu written by Sarah Newton (Legends of Anglerre, Mindjammer) and converted to Realms of Cthulhu by Dave Blewer (of Sundered Skies fame). Join a band of heroic soldiers, agents, and partisans behind enemy lines on the eve of World War Two, as they discover the unspeakable horrors of Castle Karlstein in occupied Czechoslovakia!

Inside you will find everything you need:

  • A standalone multi-episode adventure for hours of play!
  • New rules for Call of Cthulhu wartime investigations
  • Maps of Europe, Czechoslovakia, Castle Karlstein, and the surrounding area
  • An “Operational Briefing” handout
  • Setting information on Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia
  • Four pregenerated characters to get you playing immediately!
  • Packed with inspirational artwork by Dim Martin

Requires the Savage Worlds rulebook & Realms of Cthulhu supplement to play.

For press info and review copies please contact chris @

Please note this is currently a PDF only product. The full set of PDF’s in each campaign will be compiled as one printed book. Buyers of the PDF’s will get a discount on our print releases

Your purchase includes a colour and printer friendly version of the book.

More About Achtung! Cthulhu

Discover the secret history of World War Two – stories of the amazing heroism which struggled to overthrow a nightmare alliance of science and the occult, of frightening inhuman conspiracies from the depths of time, and the unbelievable war machines which were the product of Nazi scientific genius – and how close we all came to a slithering end!

Play a huge range of classic wartime heroes such as Russian political officers, German U-Boat commanders, British commandoes, RAF pilots, US rangers, Washington investigators, London journalists, Hollywood starlets, and resistance fighters from all across Europe, who must all unite in the battle against the darker side of World War Two. Play a full campaign leading from the opening shots of the War in 1939, through intrigue and adventure in Occupied Europe, the siege of Berlin in 1945, and finally the cold wastes of Antarctica in 1946!

Featuring stunning art by illustrator Dim Martin and more artists to be announced, each Achtung! Cthulhu release will be packed full of evocative and inspirational scenes and is designed to be a totally standalone product letting you jump right in to tentacle fueled wartime adventures!

Imminent episodic Achtung! Cthulhu releases will set the stage for the campaigns and main setting arriving later this year.  Achtung! Cthulhu will thrust your characters in to the midst of a dark and desperate struggle, as Cthulhu’s minions take advantage of the chaos wrought by the Third Reich to topple civilization! The massive world-spanning Achtung! Cthulhu setting features occult conspiracies, terrifying Nazi war machines, and an ancient evil so powerful that it threatens to tear the world apart!

  Low Life Mutha Oith Yes

The premise of Low Life is simple, yet hideously complex. See, it takes place gazillions of years in the future. Every calamity that could possibly befall a planet has befallen our lowly Mutha Oith and the place is now a stinking, festering, heap.

The vaunted Hoomanrace is extinct as are most of the critters that once roamed the world. The dominant lifeforms of the day are those that evolved from the ones that survived the Time of the Flush (when all the bad stuff happened). Now, in an era known as After the Wipe, the Oith is populated by the descendants of the intrepid worm, the indestructible cockroach, the everlasting snack cake, and a host of other vile and bizarre entities.

The ancient technologies of the Hoomanrace are all but lost, victim of the aforementioned calamities. New religions gather converts and primordial villains rear their ugly rears. It’s a world of savagery and wonder; a world of magic and intrigue; a fascinating and adventurous world where even the lowliest werm can become a king by his own sword.

Low Life: Rise of the Lowly is the core book for the Low Life Role Playing Game. It is a setting for Pinnacle's Savage Worlds Deluxe Role Playing Game System.

The Core Book Contains:

  • Nine Playable Races
  • New Skills
  • New Hinderances
  • New Edges/li>
  • Details of Holy Rolling (Religion) of Mutha Oith
  • Details of Eldritch Wonders (Magic) of Mutha Oith
  • Gear
  • Back ground
  • Bestiary
  • and a HUGE Plot Point Adventure!!
  T'unseal Obatron No

Play in a world where technology is slow to advance, tribes are divided by great geographical expanses, trade is fraught with peril, dinosaur-like beasts co-exist with people, and the very environment poses danger to your party.

Tunse’al is a tribal, fantasy setting with four playable races that are outside the norm. The swamp-dwelling Kresh are an amphibious, genderless race committed to ensuring their sacred land, The Wetlands, and as much of Tunse’al as they can protect is safe from greedy destruction. The cold-enduring, Gelid use their pathfinding ways throughout the long stretches of the Baarek Mountains to explore and make peace wherever possible. The towering, passionate, red-skinned, two-horned Korrin pursue all things with passion in their free-form society of The Footlands where families don’t conform to any set parameters. The thick-skinned, nomadic Gales with eyes resembling a snake’s wander The Drylands in search of desert gems, tar, and other commodities no one else would have any hope obtaining.

The Skin Eaters of The Dreamlands round out the dominant races, although they are only at the GM’s disposal. They are the treacherous, twisted cousins to the Kresh. In her madness, their creator, Sa’ra, decided to pay back her brothers for an earlier wrong, making the Skin Eaters dependent upon others’ skins in order to live. They are not mindless, but no tribe trusts them as historical attempts to have a respectable relationship have always ended in bloodshed. Then there is the prophecy that they will one day convert the Kresh to their cause to conquer the other Tunse’als in honor of Sa’ra’s predicted awakening. That hasn’t encouraged anyone to make alliances with the Kresh.

  Battle for Oz Pirate Press Future

Pirate Press, in conjunction with Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Savage Mojo presents this adventure setting in a re-imagined and modernized version of L. Frank Baum's classic World of Oz. The events of Baum’s original stories are a century in the past. The original Wizard and Dorothy are long dead although many of their friends and companions are still around. Players can take the role of a freedom fighter, mercenary, Oz soldier, or countless others to aid or hinder the liberation of the Oz throne.

  Agents of Oblivion Reality Blurs No

Agents of Oblivion is our modern horror espionage setting that can be found in such works as Starfall Jungle for both Savage Worlds and True20 and in the True20 Worlds of Adventure. This much anticipated project is well underway and is currently in the playtesting stages for Savage Worlds.

The setting creator and design lead, Sean Preston, introduced the Sanity System to True20 with AoO and won a Gold ENnie for his work on the Horror Section of the True20 Companion which took the 2008 award for Best Product Supplement.

  Iron Dynasty Reality Blurs No

Iron Dynasty is cinematic Oriental fantasy with a twist. Putting the Warring States period on its head and introducing both mythical elements and steampunk into the mix, Iron Dynasty was first introduced with the adventure, Journey to Red Temple. An exhaustive playtesting process has refined and defined the setting where the players can create all sorts of characters from onmyoji elementalists to ninja and all types in between. Great care was taken whereby the character creation process is balanced and provides the expansive edges necessary to do this setting justice.

With this burgeoning line, we’ve not only introduced this setting into the RPG arena with Way of the Ronin for Savage Worlds, but we’ll also be releasing Art of War, a complementary miniatures game driven by the free Savage Worlds Showdown rules. These lines have undergone parallel development providing exciting opportunities to explore the rich, diverse world of Ni-Ten.

  Ravaged Earth Reality Blurs No In 1898, the Martians came! They devastated our lands, ravaged our earth, and slew without mercy – then, they died without tears when our germs struck them down! However, from their corpses we found the gift of Aetherium, which has forever changed the course of our destiny, evolving our world into a Ravaged Earth! Fast Forward: 1936. You are one of the Ravaged, a person altered by the mysterious powers of Aetherium, and your destiny begins today!
  Realms of Cthulhu Reality Blurs Yes Whether you seek action and adventure battling cultists in sun-drenched jungle temples, a shadowy milieu of dark words and impossible deeds, or a twisted mixture dredged up from the darkest recesses of imagination and nightmare, you will find the rules you need and the inspiration you desire within these pages. Four distinct styles impact how physical damage and mental anguish are handled. This allows you to effortlessly shape and direct the focus of your campaign, from the pulpiness of Heroic Horror to the grim desolation of the Dark Spiral.
  Runepunk Reality Blurs No RunePunk is dark steampunk fantasy in an urban environment like no other. Characters become ghosts, demons, mechanized men, ratlike folk, and the remnants of humanity in their roles as runecasters, shadowpriests, inventors, chemists, demonologists, among others. The extradimensional city of ScatterPoint is full of shadows and steam. Find out what secrets lie within
  Darwin's World RPG Objects Yes Darwin's World is a role-playing game set in the wild, inhospitable world of mankind's ruin, after a series of devastating wars that brought the human race to the brink of extinction. In a world where radiation has altered the very course of nature, mankind has ceased to exist in its current form. Mutations and genetic variations are the edge separating a species from life and death.
  Wellstone City Silver Gryphon No Wellstone City, the gleaming metropolis of the south, is a city full of dark alleys with silver linings. It is easy enough to make your fortunes on the streets, but the real action is behind the scenes and out of view of the public eye.
  Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Third Eye Games Yes

Come Join the Fight to Protect Earth!

Monsters and demons have existed on Earth since its inception, terrorizing humanity throughout history. But some of them decided to fight back, creating a company of like-minded beings (even other demons) to defend the Earth from supernatural threats. Today, the shadow company has it’s hands in every facet of life all around the globe, using this grasp to police supernatural activity. Demon races that live on Earth (i.e. the aquatic Lochs, shapeshifting Changelings, pyrotechnic Burners, or even the enslaved Fauns) have joined the company as well, ensuring their safety as well as humanity’s.

Each agent arms themselves in a different way. Some become adepts, practitioners of magic who can learn from unique and highly customizable Paths of Magic. Some enhance their body with Cybernetic implants, chipping away a small portion of their humanity for the greater good. Some train heavily in Combat Training, learning to protect themselves without reliance on experimental technology or the very magic they seek to stop. Others meet somewhere in the middle. With almost limitless combinations of powers and abilities, they can dabble in many things and become well-rounded agents.

  Hellfrost Tripple Ace Games No

An endless winter is coming.

The history of Rassilon is bloody. From the frozen far north, beyond the civilized lands with their rolling hills and forests, arose a mighty army of frost giants, ice devils, Hellfrost dragons, and fearsome orcs, servants all of the ice god Thrym. So began the terrible Blizzard War and the downfall of the mighty empires of man.

Five hundred years later the races of the southern lands may have won the war, but they suffer its legacy still. For five centuries the winters have grown steadily longer and colder. Huge swathes of the land of Rassilon are permanently covered in ice and snow, and even the temperate lands are not spared the misery of failed harvests, deadly winters, and the dreaded Hellfrost wind.

But winter is not the only danger. A mere 30 years ago, magic, once the civilized races’ most potent weapon, suddenly began to fail. The Siphoning, an effect of unknown origin, has made magic an unpredictable ally.

Welcome to the world of Rassilon.

Welcome to the Hellfrost!

The Hellfrost Player’s Guide contains everything you need to begin adventuring in the frozen wastes:

• Six player character races.
• Dozens of new Edges, including Disciple Edges for religious heroes.
• Six alternate magical Arcane Backgrounds.
• Details on 24 deities and their followers.
• Rules for Glory, a new trait that measures the great deeds of your heroes.
• Complete setting rules for adventuring in Rassilon.

  Hellfrost Land of Fire Tripple Ace Games No

Welcome, oh noble stranger, to a land of flying carpets, bound jinn, glittering palaces, scheming wizirs, regal sphinxes, and trap-laden tombs bloated with fabulous treasure!

Freed from enslavement under the jinn five centuries ago by Suleiman the Great, the races of Al-Shirkuh, the Land of Fire, have prospered. Here, amid the endless sands and crumbling ruins of long-forgotten empires, stand glittering cities and verdant oases.

But Al-Shirkuh is changing. The temperature grows colder, the rains fall less often, and the desert is encroaching on the fertile lands. The jinn, once defeated, are gathering their strength; fire giants are raiding with impunity; the naga have returned to reclaim their homeland; and the withered undead of Hekata stir in their majestic pyramids.

Welcome indeed to Land of Fire, the first major geographic expansion to Hellfrost setting.

Inside this volume you will find:

• Five player character races.
• Rules for creating native characters.
• Details on the Devoted and Faithful, the twin creeds of the desert folk.
• Descriptions and rules of the 12 major gods and six magical traditions of Al-Shirkuh.
• New setting rules for surviving the burning sands.
• A detailed gazetteer exploring the major realms, cities, and sites.
• A bestiary stocked full of desert-dwelling creatures.
• A full-color map of the great desert

  Necropolis 2350 Tripple Ace Games Yes

Necropolis 2350 is a sci-fi horror setting set in the 24th century. In these dark days, mankind, divided into two main camps, stands on the brink of extinction.

The focus of the game is on Knights of the fictional Third Reformation Church, who are locked in desperate battle against “undead” invaders known as the Rephaim. While the heroes of humanity use advanced weapons and vehicles and can call upon the power of faith, the twisted Rephaim are masters of necromancy and wield vile technology created from living tissue.

The Crunchy Bits

Necropolis 2350 contains…

  • Over 40 new Edges and Hindrances for grunts and leaders on the battlefields of the 24th century
  • A variety of new gear and vehicles utilized by the Third Reformation Church.
  • An overview of the weapons and vehicles of the Union of Corporations.
  • New powers for those of strong faith.
  • Special rules for the Rephaim’s necromantic technology, including weapon stats.
  • Specific setting rules, including artillery and air support, and minefields.
  • A detailed adventure generator, allowing a GM to create missions with just a few die rolls.
  • Full stats for dozens of allies and opponents.
  Sundered Skies Tripple Ace Games No

The people of the Skies survive, tested by an unimaginable apocalypse, struggling daily against ravenous beasts, sky pirates, and the effects of the inescapable voidglow!

But the fate of the Skies is in danger! The magic of the glow is not the only taint in this unforgiving realm. Dark forces conspire to bring the Skies to the brink of an even greater catastrophe. Can you survive long enough to discover the secrets of Sundered Skies?

A shattered world. A thousand floating islands. A constant glow of madness.
Sundered Skies begins where every other world ends.

Sundered Skies™ is a dark fantasy Plot Point™ setting for the award-winning Savage Worlds™

  Wonderland No More Tripple Ace Games No


In 1865, Lewis Carroll introduced the world to the delightful nonsense of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and followed up with Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There in 1871. These tales present us with a world of whimsy and absurdity, and maybe just the tiniest hint of danger and adventure.

But what if there really was an Alice who visited Wonderland and what if it didn’t vanish as soon as she left? What if Wonderland’s childlike charm tarnished just a bit with the years, and it warped under the weight of its own nonsense? Maybe it’s all just a dream—or a nightmare—but it’s all very real for anyone trapped within.

Wonderland No More provides a setting for adventures within a realm of fantasy and the unexpected, a madcap ride that bounces between humor and horror. Here, when the Queen of Hearts cries, “Off with their heads!” it usually happens!

Take on the roles of wooden Chessmen, two-dimensional Cards, talking Animals, mobile Plants, Tweedle, or even the occasional Human. Knights quest for blessed artifacts of Alice, Little Girls master the deadly Queen’s Croquet, Haberdashers have a few tricks under their caps, and Gourmancers create magical foods and drinks (helpfully labeled “Eat Me” or “Drink Me” for those who can’t figure it out on their own).

Lighthearted or sinister, it’s all what you make of it in Wonderland—because we’re all mad here.

  Kith’takharos Setting White Haired Mans No

The swamp village of Kith’takharos prospers by harvesting rare and unusual plants. The Order of the Jade Leaf processes the plants into valuable drugs that it sells to a consortium of merchants called the Transit Guild. The Transit Guild then distributes the drugs to the world beyond the swamp.

Any visitor to Kith’takharos would soon learn these facts. But long time residents understand the situation is not that simple.

First, multiple factions contend for power in and around Kith’takharos. Even though the Order of the Jade Leaf trades with the Transit Guild, these organizations are not friends and their mutual tension permeates Kith’takharos. Outlaws called poachers ambush plant harvesting teams and product shipments. The natives, reptilian humanoids known as Swamp Men, claim most of the swamp as their own.

Although the Bright Water tribe of Swamp Men remains at peace with Kith’takharos, other tribes such as the Blood Scar count both Kith’takharos and the Bright Water as enemies. Few inhabitants of Kith’takharos understand the Swamp Man culture or language, and the natives remain mysterious.

Second, the swamp itself presents a constant challenge, from the brutal heat and humidity to exotic plants and animals. The murky water breaks up the land into a multitude of islands. Most journeys of any distance use small flat-bottomed skiffs propelled by wooden poles. Travel seldom follows a straight line, and ten miles as the crow flies can easily require a day of circuitous poling. Fresh water is often difficult to find.

Third, a thousand years ago the reptilian civilization of the Harlass Orn dominated the swamp. The Harlass Orn then utilized magical techniques with unintentional side effects that allowed extra-dimensional creatures known as Veilwalkers to enter normal space. The Veilwalkers and their constructs destroyed the Harlass Orn and forced the survivors into hiding. The Swamp Men revere the Harlass Orn as their Forebears, and each tribe retains some Harlass Orn artifact as part of its identity.

The Harlass Orn shaped the swamp into what it has become. They created the plants coveted by the Order of the Jade Leaf and the Transit Guild, as well as some of the more unusual animals. Their ruins are scattered across the swamp, offering both treasures and danger for bold explorers. No Swamp Man or inhabitant of Kith’takharos understands why the Harlass Orn civilization fell.

These are the raw materials from which we create Kith’takharos adventures.