Population: 630

Constructed defensesMakeshift wall, partially converted to Brick Wall.
Food ResourcesAbundant – A lot of durable food was recovered during expansion. Chase field has been converted to a protected farm. Crops and livestock are raised there.
Manufacturing CapabilitiesBasic, No manufacturing facilities have been recovered to date.
Mechanical ResourcesSuperior. Full shops are available in Chase field, the Convention center, and the US Air center. Heavy equipment repair facilities are available at the Railroad yard nearby and in US Air Center.
Medical ResourcesClinic. Advanced, though small fully equipped medical facilities are available in the Jails, both sports facilities and the Convention center.
Military ForcesGigantic.  Minimal: 75; Average: 150; Dedicated: 250 – EVERY citizen over the age of 12 is required to carry a handgun at all times.
Shelter Quality – Fortified Houses, Single Family. With the cleared luxury apartment buildings in the reclaimed zone, there are plenty of accommodations for everyone.
Supply Reserves – Abundant. Given the two sports arenas, multiple jails and a major convention center within the reclaimed zone, plenty of supplies have been recovered.
New Phoenix is run as a “Benevolent Dictatorship”. Run by Darq. He has made it clear that he will step down, if requested by a simple majority of the nation’s citizens, but while he is in charge this is not a democracy. To lead effectively, he believes he must be able to act unilaterally when required.  Because of the nature of the facilities closely positioned in Old Phoenix, the town has been able to collect an abundance of supplies and facilities. With the stadium roof able to open and close, they have the perfect place to farm in relative safety, further increasing their supplies. Many of the facilities they have reclaimed have extensive backup generators, due to their intended use for large events with lots of people, thus affording them a supply of power.

They are working on expanding that by placing wind mills on the roofs of the larger buildings. The town has acquired and modified some HUMMV’s, Deuce and Half’s and HEMMT’s from the National Guard base five miles to the Northeast. They also acquired some M16’s, SAW’s and ammo for them from the base armory. There are several Blackhawk helicopters parked there they have their eye on, should they be able to dig up anyone who can fly them. They have begun ferrying over as much fuel as they can get out of the reserves there, storing it in tankers within the city walls. Their expansion plans are now looking further to the east. They would like to continue expanding another six or seven blocks east and two block north. That will bring the train yard and Luke Hospital into the city limits.

They have several outposts around the city, including an agricultural center set up in a water treatment plant (see outpost 1 below). They have plans to start additional colonies in Phoenix International airport with the light transit train running between and Arizona State University – where they would like to cultivate the football stadium, acquire the medical facilities, libraries and housing and gain control of the Solar power plant on the campus’ east side. ASU is also bordered on the North side by a large fresh water lake.