Phase I:

New sections are first cordoned off with 40 foot cargo containers spread from building to neighboring building and then welded into place. Militia clear out the enclosed spaces and then permanent walls are built up of ruble and reclaimed brick, behind the fence.

The plan started with forming a “Beach Head” in downtown Phoenix Civil center.

Phase I: A “Beachhead” in downtown Phoenix. Phoenix has a lot of assets really close together in downtown Phoenix. First step is claiming a Beach head – One of the courthouse buildings in the Civil Center. Total ranks are 10 members. Timeline T + 1 week

Phase II:

Expand to clear out the rest of the linked civil center buildings– all conveniently linked by walk ways above the street. This allows sealing all the external exits and affords movement from building to building without exposure to the outside. This includes the parking garage, the stairwells to the bottom floor were sealed and a gate put across the ramp providing a safe place to put vehicles and maintain them. The Settlement now includes four high security buildings and a garage. Ranks swell to 25 members: Time Line T + 4 Weeks

Phase III:

Put cargo containers between the secure buildings and the last two non-connected buildings in the complex, forming a fenced in courtyard. The effort pushes into those buildings adding them to the complex. One is the County jail yielding 15 more trained members and a large cache of weapons, ammo, food and medical supplies. The jail has a full medical facility and a surviving Doctor. Members 40, Timeline: T + 10 weeks

Phase IV:

Strengthen the walls around the courtyard, add additional cargo containers to the next three buildings to the East, clearing those buildings – Three high rises. Computers, food, water and supplies. 20 new recruits – very little in the way of weapons or ammunitions. Members 70 Timeline T + 12 Weeks

Phase V:

Extending the walls along Jackson and Madison, anchored on the five small buildings there, and extending to the US Airways center. A huge facility with extensive food storage, medical facilities, a full mechanic shop and lots of enclosed space.

The external doors are already designed to be closed against crowds, making sealing the facility relatively easy in comparison to their past efforts. The size of the facility and all the rooms and spaces in it proved to be the challenging part. No survivors were found here. Members 150 Timeline T + 30 Weeks

Phase VI:

Continuing the corridor East, claiming a large building, Chase Field and part of the Convention center. Members 250 Timeline T + 50 Weeks

Phase VII:

Extend the fence north to the rest of the convention center, clear the rest of the convention center. Members 300 Timeline T + 70 Weeks

Phase VIII:

Fence in half of the buildings along the top arc secure and clear them. Members 450 Timeline T + 110 Weeks

Phase IX:

Complete the circle. Members 510 Timeline T + 180 Weeks

Phase X:

Current Status Members 630 Timeline T + 230 Weeks