Backdrop of the Dead

Daring Entertainment is the creator / owner of the World of the Dead franchise. They also have a Super Hero / Alien Invasion title called "Hell Brood"


Pinacle Entertainment Group is the creater of Savage Worlds Deluxe Role Playing Game System and a host of widely varied settings to be used with it.


FireSuperiorityComplex's War of the Dead Campaign Site - Argentinian's enjoying scenic North Carolina

Zed or Alive logo

Rust Devil Games - Soon to come out with a Zombie miniature game based off ofShowdown (Savage Worlds Miniatures rules) called Zed or Alive watch the news for notification of when their Kickstarter begins!


ZERT LogoZ.E.R.T. (Zombie Eradication Response Team) Z.E.R.T. is an organization that uses the Zombie as a metaphor for any one of numerous natural or man made disasters that have and will occur in our lives. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, criminal attacks, or any type of situation where being prepared, trained and most important, armed with the proper mindset is required to see you and your family through to safety.

Tell them YP096 Sent You!!!

Gavin at Home Run Games has a great set of Hand Drawn Zombie Rider Playing card deck. If you want to pick up one (AND Zombie themed poker chips) you can dos so by clicking HERE

My Low Life: Re-Dredged Fan Site In case anyone is interested in exploring a real.... interesting setting for Savage worlds