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I spent the last four days cleaning guns (which drove the wife crazy - she hates those things) and working on the Beast. Beast is purring and ready to go. Phones went down second day. We saw an explosion from here, think some idiot managed to take out the switching station up on Shea. Now today the cells are out. We can't get a hold of the kids anymore and are worried sick about them.

I am toying with the idea of cranking the Beast up and going after them, but we talked about it and the wife thinks we should wait a couple more days and see what happens. We sure don't want to un-necessarily expose anyone to whatever this is.

TV has gone to a 'Stay Tuned' test pattern since yesterday afternoon. Looks like it got pretty hairy at Fox 10 before the lights went out. Running out of things to do so I thought I would dig out this old journal and start writing down what is happening. Couple of days ago (four), reports started coming in about people going crazy and attacking other people. At first we all figured it was just more of those idiots snorting bath salts, but now it appears to be some kind of virus. Spreads fast and the infected go nuts shortly after being infected.

The guy on tv reported this thing was striking all around the world, not just in the US. CDC says everyone stay in your house and avoid other people. Whatever you do DON'T GET NEAR AN INFECTED!!!

So we hunkered down. Ryden is on a cruise in the Bahamas with the Huckabays, hopefully he is in the safest place of all of us. We told Connor to stay put at school and hopefully it will all blow over. Only it hasn't - it's gotten worse.... a LOT worse...