We decided to finish off clearing the court complex, before finishing off the jail. No one left alive in there and frankly, none of us can stomach the place right now. Broke into the forth building along Jefferson. Found a pocket of zeds – lost Dennis Mees. We need to step up our CQW drills and do a better job of talking to each other. Everyone thought the room had been cleared by someone else (the door was open, how we have been marking it as clear) and they came boiling in behind us. They took down Dennis, before we even knew they were there.

We have started carrying spray paint now and marking the floor at the cleared rooms.

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This morning Dr. Takengo informed me Janie took her own life last night. Unfortunately she turned just afterward and took Jettie with her. We moved Ammie out to the room we have been using for a sick bay. I know the jail environment (and the men) are probably not good for her state of mind, but the doctor just can’t watch her on her own.

The men seem to be doing much better. They were damaged in a different way. Mitch was able to have a nice long conversation with me this morning – filled me in more on what happened there. It was really, really ugly. How can people do that to each other?