World of the Dead

What is World of the Dead?

World of the Dead is a setting for the Savage Worlds Role Playing System (See Below), by the Daring Entertainment Group. It is a follow up setting to their award winning War of the Dead campaign setting, taking place around four years later.

What Changes Have Their Been Since War of the Dead?

World of the Dead add four new playable races, New Hindrances and Edges and a set of rules for the players to create and run a survivor community.

What Changes Are There to the Setting Ambiance?

Where in War of the Dead, players were kept on their toes and always on the run and their moral dilemas were more about immediate needs and survival. In World of the Dead, the game is about the bigger picture - not just survival of the players, but of the whole human race.

Can Players Still Play Their War of the Dead Characters?

Yes, War of the Dead characters can be advanced to modern standing.

What Do I Need to Play?

The World of the Dead Campaign setting, Savage Worlds Deluxe (see below) gaming system, a set of dice (a four sided dice, a six sided dice, am eight sided dice, a ten sided dice, a twenty sided dice and a pair of percentile dice). You will also need a pack of playing cards - with the jokers, some form of markers (Poker chips are used traditionally), writing instruments and paper.

War of the Dead

What is War of the Dead?

Award winning War of the Dead is a campaign setting by Daring Entertainment for the Savage Worlds Roleplaying System. It includes the setting rules for running the Undead, rules for creating War of the Dead characters and a complete plot point campaign in four installments of 13 sessions each. It is available in print or PDF download from the RPGNow Network

Where Can I Get War of the Dead?

War of the Dead can be ordered either in Print, Downloadable PDF or combination packages from RPGNow. It was originally available in a weekly subscription program. The first issue described the setting and all the special rules, then each week provided a gaming session's worth of material allowing gaming groups to regularly consume the adventures.

The material is also available in four chapter compilations of thirteen weeks each.

Savage Worlds Role Playing System

What is Savage Worlds Role Playing System?

Savage Worlds (Currently on the Savage Worlds Deluxe Version) is a flexible system of rules for playing pen and paper role playing games by the Pinnacle Prsss game company. The rules emphasize game flow and not number crunching making games fast, fun and free. There are dozens of settings available that use the SWD system.

Where Can I Get The Savage Worlds Deluxe Gaming System?

Savage Worlds Deluxe is widely available from most Hobby / Game stores that carry role playing games (see below). It is also available through mail order directly from Pinacle Entertainment either as a hard copy book or in a downloadable PDF format.

What Other Settings Are Available for the Savage Worlds Deluxe Gaming System?

Pinacle Entertainment: 50 Fathoms, Deadlands: Hell on Earth (Reloaded), Deadlands: Lost Colony (Reloaded), Deadlands: Noir, Deadlands: Reloaded, Evernight, Necessary Evil, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Rippers, Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane, Slip Stream, Space: 1889, Weird Wars

12 to Midnight: Pinebox

Adament Entertainment: Mars, Thrilling Tales

Applied Vectors: Twilight Future

Arc Dream Publishing: Delta Green, Godlike, Kerberus Club, Monsters and Other Childish Things

Atomic Overmind: Ragnarok

Battlefield Press: Sherwood

Cursed Empire: Cursed Empire

Daring Entertainment: Dawn of Legends, Hard Boiled, War of the Dead, World of the Dead

Evil Beagle Games: Shantair

Evil DM: Legends of Steel, Lost World of Hador

Four-in-Hand Games: Steamscapes

GRAMel: Nemezis

Gunmetal Games: Interface Zero

Hearthstone Games: Marchland

Lynnvander, Inc: Legacy of Mana

Misfit Studio: SpirosBlaak

Modiphius: Achtung! Cthulhu

Mutha Oith Creations: Low Life

Natural 20 Gaming: Realms of Eldrath

Obatron Productions: Tunse'al

Phipp's Gaming Studio: Black Hole, It Has to be Done, Winterweir

Reality Blurs: Agents of Oblivion, Iron Dynasty, Ravaged Earth, Realms of Cthulhu, Runepunk, Shaintar

RPG Objects: Darwin's World

Savage Mojo: Savage Suzerain

Silver Gryphon Games: Wellstone City

Third Eye Games: Apocalypse Prevention Inc

Tripple Ace Games: Daring Tales, Hellfrost, Necropolis: 2150, Sundred Skies

Vampjac Productions: EE Knight, Vampire Earth

White Haired Man: Kith'takharos

(Pen and Paper) Role Playing Games

What is a Pen and Paper RPG?

RPG is an acronym of Role Playing Games. The phrase originated before personal computer were available and originally referrenced games played around a table in person. Usually gaming sessions consist of one or more players who hae a character in the gaming system being used. The character has various statistics that define the characte's (not the player's) capabilities. Role Playing comes in because the object of the game is to portray you character and decide how that character would act in different situations. The Game Master (or GM) will be the person who discribes the situations to the players as well as adjudicates how all the characters in the game, other than the players, behave. Dice are often used to add a random element to the game.