Four Years Have Gone By

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And if you plan on continuing to use your characters from War of the Dead in World of the Dead, this unofficial, unsanctioned, home grown set of rules can allow you to advance your characters and help explain your back storyduring that time!

Feeling Lucky? Huh Punk?

Ok so in a nut shell, this is how it works.

  1. The Player Characters play four hands of Texas Hold 'um.
  2. Each hand starts with the Game Master dealing out a "Hold Out" card to each player
    1. The Hold out card is not part of the player's hand, nor may it be exchanged with cards in the player's hand, they remain seperate
  3. Then the Game Master deals out the hand of five cards to each player
  4. If the player folds
    1. They loose the cards in their hand
    2. They retain their Hold Out Card and may choose to collect the associated reward / punishment after consulting the Hold Out Card table
  5. At the end of the hand
    1. he player that wins gets consults the Winning Hand table and collects the rewards, depending on the card for each card in his hand (for the winner, all cards in the hand will get them rewards).
    2. The players that loose consult the Hold Out Card table and MUST collect the reward or punishment associated with their hold out card.